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The musings of a college graduate lost in transition.


I'm a big kid now!


The day has finally come. 

I am moving out.

I've been thinking about it a lot lately. 

Obviously, I have not found a job out of state. 

It's time to be a grown up. 

I am getting my OWN place. To my self, by myself. Accountable to no one. 

I used to think signing a lease and getting a place in Kansas City was failing. Quitting my dream. But what it really is, is succeeding! I've saved plenty of money, I have great friends, I work crazy hours, and I love my life. My parents are a great support system and I love them. I am so grateful for their patience as I've climbed up and down this crazy roller coaster of the last year and a half. Just one question...

Where should I live? 

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