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The musings of a college graduate lost in transition.


Playing catch up

Well, hello folks. Long time, no blog. Kerry running around like a crazy person without time to even take out the trash/recycling (GASP-gross, I know)=no blogging whatsoever. My apologies.

I now have been at my new job  for over 4 months (how did that happen?!) and lived in my glorious Plaza apartment for just short of 5. The apartment is great and full of lots of charm. Including window AC units. That I refuse to leave on during the day for the sake of saving energy. However, when my apartment was 100 degrees at 10 pm when I arrived home last night, I said the heck with energy. So for my sanity and overall coolness, I left them on today. Al Gore, please don't chastise me.

I'm in the process of refinishing multiple pieces of furniture and re-evaluating the set up of the apartment. Before and afters to come!

I HAVE NOT BEEN COOKING. Bad, Kerry. I feel inspired constantly, but at night it feels daunting and I end up eating a granola bar or chips and dip. Oops. I blame it on the heat. 

My job is going quite well. I went to Puerto Rico in April for a meeting about a conference I'll attend there in October. I attended our Annual Conference in Indianapolis in June and was so humbled by the enthusiasm and praise I received from board members and attendees alike. It's great to be appreciated! Truth be told, the transition back to the desk has been a major challenge, but I'm excited about some fall happenings that could yield more responsibility. YAY.

For your listening pleasure, please check out the lovely Edith Piaf. There is something so timelessly charming about classic French music. All the more reason to learn French. Ahhhh add it to my to-do list.

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  1. Get those before and after pics up! And for goodness sake, make some food and post it!